Sara Perovic’s photography is driven by her interests in the perception of space, abstraction, and repetition.

“Obsession is the main trigger of my work,” she writes. Whether her subject is her partner’s legs, her father and grandfather’s love of tennis, palm trees or motherhood, Perovic uses the camera as a tool to navigate her own emotions, states of mind and relationship to herself and those closest to her.

“[This work is] a back-and-forth between emotion and abstraction. It is a reflection and mirroring of my experience as a woman—floating in constant search of who I am and how I feel.”

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Dionne Lee uses photography, collage, and video to investigate ideas of power and racial histories in relation to the American landscape. “Nature is often presented and discussed as a neutral space, but we don’t talk about how nature can also be a tool,” writes Lee.

Often using found images and experimenting in the darkroom, Lee’s work reveals the white-washed history of landscape photography and suggests that acknowledging our interdependence with nature is essential to survival.

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